Auxiliary Air Regulators


  1. The auxiliary air valve opens a cross sectional air bypass around the closed throttle blades to maintain an acceptable idle during cold engine operation.
  2. A precisely calibrated bi-metallic strip governs the cross-sectional area of an internal gate which meters the amount of extra air admitted to the engine during the warm up period. The bi-metallic strip has its regulating time governed by the use of a ceramic heating element.


  1. The auxiliary air valve is stripped to the component level.
  2. All parts, mechanical and electrical are tested to meet OEM specifications.
  3. Unit is assembled using known good parts.
  4. The auxiliary air valve is then run through all phases of operation on our in house simulator.
  5. The auxiliary air valve is then calibrated to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  6. Once calibrated the unit is then sealed and packaged.
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