fuel-injectorFuel Injectors

A solenoid valve that works in conjunction with the Control Unit. The injector receives a signal from the control unit and delivers the precise measured amount of fuel directly to the intake port.


  1. All fuel hose, external seals, filter, pintle cap, etc. are removed.
  2. Fuel injector is then fully disassembled.
  3. All components are checked to meet OEM specifications and cleaned.
  4. Coil is replaced with New FIC Coil.
  5. All internal seals are replaced.
  6. Injector is re-assembled and calibrated
  7. The injector is checked for:
    a) Coil resistance
    b) Spray pattern
    c) Fuel delivery – static and dynamic
    d) Leak test
  8. Once the injector meets all OEM specifications, the filter, pintle cap, all external seals, hose and hose ferrules are replaced.
  9. Injector is labeled and packaged.


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