R & R Program

For ‘Rare’ or ‘Hard to Find’ parts we suggest you utilize or R&R Program.The rebuild and return program requires the customer to send in their part to be rebuilt.
Normal turn around time is 3-5 business days.If you are interested in sending in your part for rebuilding, please fill out this R&R form.

Rebuild and Return (R & R) form

Old Unit

Rebuilt Unit

Old Unit

Rebuilt Unit
If you are not sure if the part you have is a good working part we can test the part before rebuilding for an additional fee.
Testing Fees
Warm-Up Regulators – $50
Auxiliary Air Regulators – $50
Pressure Sensors – $50
Fuel Pumps – $50​
Fuel Distributors – $
4 cylinder – $50
6 cylinder – $75
8 cylinder – $100

Old Unit

Rebuilt Unit
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